Spring is Around the Corner and it is the Best Time to Begin Building Your Pool!

With summer slowly creeping up on us why not start your pool-building expedition today to set yourself up for the warmer months!

The Gold Coast has had one of the warmest winters in history this year, which promises much for our summer! Why not get ahead of the warmer weather and really prepare for it with a high quality pool from Gold Coast Family Pools! Spring is the best time to have your concrete pool built as it generally takes around 5-6 weeks from beginning the project to completion.

At Gold Coast Family Pools we can create your pool to match your unique designs…

Our concrete pools are designed to give you the freedom of having the pool of your dreams – literally! If you have a specific shape or design in mind, concrete pools are your best choice for allowing the ability to blend the shape of your new pool with your garden landscape and the styling of your home. Concrete pools are extremely popular as they:

  • Have full flexibility as to the shape, size and overall design
  • Are strong and are long lasting
  • Are reinforced with steel and other tough materials
  • Have a 15 year structural warranty
  • Have a 7 year cosmetic warranty

If you are unsure as to what pool design you want we can scope the area you have and recommend some suggestions…

Whether you have a large backyard or a smaller backyard, at Gold Coast Family Pools we service areas such as Coomera, Arundal, Ballina, Brisbane, Byron Bay and Warwick and have been able to make many customers happy with our suggestions. Have a look below at some of our previous work.




This pool had to be fit into a smaller backyard, and as a solution we made the pool slightly more square than rectangle with the entrance to the side for optimal useability. By doing this we were also able to make sure there was plenty of room to walk around the pool for safety reasons.




These customers really wanted to include a water feature, so we were able to best make use of the space they wanted by creating a stylish pool with cornered edges – this created a modern tone and drew the eye to the water feature for a calming and serene effect.

For a quicker answer to a brand new pool we also offer fibreglass pools that can be installed in just 7 to 10 working days!

Fibreglass pools are perfect for families or commercial owners who want a pool in a rush, as these are pre-made and come in an array of shapes and sizes. These pools are finished with a specific product that is resistant to alga growth so your pool is easy to maintain and can stay beautiful for longer!

For more information on our range of pools, or to book a consultation at our conveniently located pool shop in Pacific Pines, please do not hesitate to contact us.