Out with the Old in with the New!

Gold Coast Family Pools can help replace your old fibreglass pool with a new, stylised concrete pool


Here at Gold Coast Family Pools in Oxenford we are passionate about creating a space for you to enjoy and relax in, which sometimes means sacrificing your old pool installations. Fibreglass pools are a popular choice for pools due to their ease of installation and the fact that they make choosing your style of pool much easier. However, many of our clients find that the customisation options of concrete pools to be much more beneficial when it comes to designing the look of their property. With our concrete pools you will be able to enjoy freedom of design as well as a fully functional and durable pool.

Improve the ‘flow’ of your backyard with a pool from Gold Coast Family Pools

Your backyard is a place for entertaining and playing, which is why how you actively use the space is so important. Many people find that the previous owners of their house have not maximised the space of their backyard enough which has resulted in the awkward placement of a pool. In order to enhance your space Gold Coast Family Pools can remove your old fibreglass structure and replace it with a pool custom designed by you and our pool design specialists.

We will analyse your space and suggest a style…

If you do not have a particular style in mind our team of pool experts can inspect the area and suggest the shape and types of finishings that would best highlight the pool. In many cases, our clients opt to install a water feature to give their pool area a feeling of modern elegance. Water features such as waterfalls are also favoured by kids who like to play underneath their cascading falls. We can also suggest the colour and style of pebbling or tiles that would best suit your pool in order to breathe life into your space. When making these choices it is most beneficial to decide what kind of ‘look’ you want to go for – be it modern and classy or natural.

Ensure your pool is a reflection of your design and our craftsmanship

You’ll be able to customise the depth, shape and design of your own pool, with anything from where your steps are to feature walls and the way you finish it. With us you’ll also be able to rest assure that your pool will be protected with a 15 year structural warranty and a 7 year cosmetic warranty. We can also make sure that the flooring surrounding your pool looks beautiful, as we use custom coping/stone which are strong and durable landscaping products used to pave wide areas which require sturdiness. These pavers and stones also appear extremely natural, with a significant amount of grip so that you and your children are much less likely to slip.

Create an escape for your family

Here at Gold Coast Family Pools we understand the integral purpose of pools, being the icon of the Australian summer. If you’ve been wanting a pool that is functional, entertaining and beautiful to look at then our team in Oxenford will be able to help you.

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