Top ranking pools in the world

Are you about to invest in the pool of your dreams? Do you need some inspiration whe it comes to design, colour style and theme?

At Gold Coast Family Pools on the Gold Coast, we have compiled a list of the world’s most top ranking pools for your viewing pleasure! Hopefully some of these amazing and spectacular pools will get your creative juices flowing!

Alila Uluwatu, Bali, Indonesia

Cliff-top infinity pool appears to float in the clouds. A daring cabana compliments this design for gazing out over the horizon. A seamless infinity drop or poolside cabana could be the head turning feature you’re looking for….


The Library, Koh Samui, Thailand

Get the look with tiles! A base of mosaic glass tiles in orange, yellow and blood red line the bottom of the pool to produce this stunning effect…


Huvafen Fushi, Maldives

This enchanted pool employs 1000 fiber optic lights to illuminate the pool and achieve such an awe inspiring effect.


The Standard, Los Angeles, United States

This rooftop pool offers panoramic views of the City of Angels and an open cinema experience. At night the pool becomes an entertainment space, with a projector, an open fireplace, dance floor and bar. Getting a poolside projector could be perfect for those balmy nights around the pool with family and friends!


Building quality pools to transform your home and enrich your lifestyle…

At Gold Coast Family Pools on the Gold Coast, we specifically design and engineer each pool especially to suit your family’s style. Our engineer is highly experienced and knowledgeable so we will develop your pool to best suit not only your design preferences, but to also suit the landscape and foundation the pool will be built on. We can meet your budget without compromising quality and will provide you with superior materials and workmanship

Pools to suit every lifestyle…

Our family business runs with family values and is here to offer you a personalised service from a team of caring professionals who have over 15 years’ experience. As Australians, we treasure the times when we get together with family and friends for a barbeque and a splash in the pool. We’re all about giving Queenslanders the opportunity to enjoy this wonderful lifestyle by providing you with affordable quality pools that family and friends can enjoy for life.

For more information about our custom made pools or to learn more about our range of services please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Want more from your Pool?

family by pool

At Gold Coast Family Pools on the Gold Coast we offer a range of high quality pool equipment to help you get the most out of your pool experience!

Here at Gold Coast Family Pools we offer Zodiac Water Systems and Equipment to provide our customers with superior quality pool products that will help them get the most our of their pool experience. When it comes to enhancing your pool or garden, Zodiac Water Systems and Equipment is your preferred choice for delivering on every promise.

Solutions tailored to your taste and budget…

Whether you’re creating a backyard oasis to entertain guests or you are looking to make pool additions to entertain the family, here at Gold Coast Family Pools we can help you create the Oasis you’re after.

Enhance your pool with a water feature…

Water features can make a great addition to your pool or garden. They provide stunning visual effects combined with the refreshing sound and dynamic flow of water to your pool or spa.

Zodiac offer a wide variety of various water features styles to suit all tastes and budgets. Let’s take a look at some of the options you can choose from:

Laminar Jets Water Features:  Zodiac’s New Laminar Jet Water Features with LED lighting provide clear or coloured arcs of water as they silently enter your swimming pool or spa adding that extra touch of excitement to your backyard.

Zodiac Laminar Jets can be installed in both existing and new pool and spa applications and come standard with a built in 12-volt LED light module offering an extensive range of different colour combinations to create the perfect backyard oasis.

Sheer Descent Water Features: The Sheer Descent is a low maintenance water feature that can be easily installed on any type of swimming pool or landscape garden. This water feature is compact and discreet, available in standard sizes, or can be custom designed in a variety of shapes to suit your specifications.

Mini Jets Water Features: Zodiac’s Mini Jets are extremely versatile, suitable for most swimming pool environments and needing only a low water flow. The all new flow control Mini Jets allow you to create the optimum flow to suit your pool.  The flow adjustment is achieved right at the nozzle via a special tool included with the unit.

Enjoy your pool all year round with Zodiac’s pool heating system

Zodiac offer a range of pool heating systems based on the size of your pool so you can enjoy it all year round. Even in the coldest months, the whole family can use and take pleasure in a warm pool. And it’s not as costly as you might think. Some of these options include:

  • Power 7M and 9M – ideal as a replacement to a traditional solar pool heater, the power range will extend your swimming season by a few months and cost a lot less than you may thin
  • Power First: The PowerFirst range is suitable for smaller to mid-size pools and feature ‘Premium’ models that will heat (or cool) all year round.
  • Powerforce: The PowerForce Range features all seasons product that will heat or cool the pool in almost any climate. Designed for larger sizes they are suitable for pools up to 150,000L, PowerForce will handle almost all residential and small commercial applications.
  • Opticpac: Optipac 30 is designed for very large applications and is ideal for semi/commercial pools that have heavy bather loads. Great for council pools or resorts and holiday parks, Optipac 30 delivers a whopping 90kW of heat power.

Quality customer service that matter…The foundation of our business

Our team of pool professionals are committed to the highest level of customer service and encourage each and every customer to task advantage of our knowledge and expertise so they can get the most out of their pool and backyard.

To find out more about the range of pooling equipment we offer here at Gold Coast family Pools please don’t hesitate to contact us.  

How to keep your energy bill down this summer!



Summer is fast approaching; it’s just around the corner actually. With rising energy costs, a swimming pool can be a great inspiration for households to be more water wise and energy efficient.

Here at Gold Coast Family Pools and Spas we are happy to hear our customers taking advantage of the beautiful weather that is the Gold Coast. However, we also want to help you save money by operating your pool system as efficiently as possible to keep your electricity bills down this summer.

As such, we have compiled a list of useful water and energy saving tips you can implement immediately to help you save hundreds!

Don’t let the high cost of running your pool outpace its value as your family’s go-to place for fun, relaxation and keeping cool this summer.


Operate your swimming pool filters and cleaning sweeps efficiently by reducing the operating time to 4- 5 hours, and only during off-peak time.
Did you know that your pool pump uses more electricity than most other appliances in your house, except maybe your air conditioner? You also may not know that most pools are equipped with pumps that are too big and use more energy than you need to keep the water sparkling clean.

The culprit: the single-speed pump. They can cost about 80 percent more in electric bills than you should be paying. A small pump is fine if all you want to do is circulate the water in the pool. But it might not have enough speed to run your pool cleaner, or other electrical extras that need an occasional, bigger blast of energy.

It’s important to size your pool pump correctly. This will ensure that your pool runs at an optimum level, resulting in fewer problems, easier maintenance, lower energy costs and longer equipment life. Here at GC Family Pools we can help recommend the right pool pump for you based on your pooling system, your budget and your needs.

Making your pool more energy efficient will save hundreds of dollars to operate it.


Tip # 1 – Replace your single-speed pool pump with a variable-speed unit. New, high-performance models from Zodiac Water Systems and equipment let you run them on low most of the time and crank them up bit by bit only when you need more power to run your accessories. Run your pool pump less. It’s not necessary to run it around the clock, most manufacturers recommend running it between 8 and 10 hours a day in the summer and about half that in the winter.

Tip # 2 – Put a timer on the pump so it automatically shuts off after your set hours, and set it to run only when you’re paying off-peak rates.

Tip # 3 – Switch to LEDs, which use up to 75 percent less energy than your traditional incandescent underwater lights. LEDs last for years and come in multiple colours as well as white.

Tip # 4 – Keep your chemicals in balance. If you don’t, your filter can run all day and night and the water will never sparkle

Tip # 5 – Clean trap baskets, filters, pool walls and floor regularly. Clogged baskets and filters can prevent the water from flowing freely, and will slow down the filtering process. The harder the pump has to work to keep the pool clean, the more you’ll pay to run it.

Benefits of Zodiac Pool Equipment

  • Eco friendly
  • Energy efficient
  • Innovative technology

Here at Gold Coast Family Pools and Spas we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer service and reliable pool equipment to help you get the most out of your pooling system. Zodiacs water systems and equipment are constantly adapting to the changes in technology to provide energy efficient products to the market. Not only is this better for the environment, but it saves you money on your electricity bill!

What’s more, with Zodiacs office based on the Gold Coast, your new pool cleaning products will be ready to use in no time, allowing you to spend more time enjoying your pool with your family!

Do you want the most energy efficient and advanced pool equipment? Then contact us today at Gold Coast Family Pools and Spas on 07 557 364 55 and enjoy saving this summer! 


Building Your Own Pool? What Pool is Best For You?


As summer soon approaches now is the best time to begin building your dream pool…

At Gold Coast Family Pools and Spa we can help determine the best pool to suit your Gold Coast garden and your family. As the season begins to warm now is the best time to build a pool for you and the family to enjoy over the Christmas holidays. At Gold Coast Family Pools and Spa we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality equipment and technology for your pool services.

Discover the difference at Gold Coast Pools and Spas…

At Gold Coast Family Pools and Spa we ensure your needs are put first, it is your garden after all. Our team will help ensure your needs are met to develop your dream pool. Getting started now will let you have your dream pool ready for the summer season. Besides the benefit of having a backyard oasis, Gold Coast Pools and Spas will make your pool building experience easy and fun. The following benefits will help get you the pool you want before the heat strikes:

  • Your quoted price will include all council and engineer expenses and approvals as well as the pool coping surrounds.
  • All our materials are Australian made from the finest materials of the highest quality designs that look good and last a lifetime.
  • Your concrete pool will be completed within 5 – 6 weeks as of the first day of construction.
  • We are a family business and want to keep your family safe throughout every stage of construction so we provide you with temporary fencing at no extra cost, until your permanent fence is installed.

Design your own concrete pools

Have you already got a picture in your mind about the style and shape of your dream pool? Concrete pools give you the freedom to design your own pool to the exact shape, depth and size to fit any area you desire. This option gives you the freedom to artistically blend the shape of your new pool in with your garden landscape and the style of your home.

Let us help you design a fiberglass pool

Our fiberglass pools offer a wide range of state of the art designs and are an easy way to transform your home into your very own oasis. These modern and durable fibreglass pools are flexible and therefore flex with ground movement rather than crack. If your foundations are prone to movement this could be a good solution for your pool needs. So why choose fiberglass pools? Fibreglass pools are fast and efficient to install, they are finished with a product to resist algae growth making your pool easy to clean and maintain. And if you have a large space in your garden and don’t want the hassle of designing a style, then this can be a great way to get what you want with any difficulty.

Finish it off with custom coping and custom stone…

To frame your brand new pool, we use only Custom Coping / Custom Stone products because they are a leading manufacturer of quality hand-made pavers and landscape products. Their products are designed to closely replicate the characteristics of natural stone and come in a range of colours to suit your reference. These high quality pavers can be the perfect finishing touch for your new addition to your home and this is included in your quote.

At Gold Coast Pools and Spas we want you to enjoy the summer seasons with a family dip in the pool of your dreams. We will work with your family to make the pool building process as easy and efficient as possible.

Are you interested in a new pool this summer? Give us a call today on 07 557 364 55 for a professional consultation. 

Get Ready This Summer with Gold Coast Family Pools’ Five Step Process to a Brand New Pool


At Gold Coast Family Pools we specialise in installing concrete and fibreglass pools in a five step process that allows for client convenience and ease…

There is nothing like dipping your foot in a refreshing body of cold water. The cooling quality of water is vastly appreciated on the Gold Coast, and at Gold Coast Family Pools we are more than happy to oblige our clients with their dream pool with short installation periods. To ensure you are enjoying a safe and quality driven pool this summer, check out our five step process, designed to give you the pool of your dreams as efficiently and safely as possible.

Step 1: Dig that pool

Once you have settled on a design, we will begin work on the site intended for your pool. Before we assess the correct position for your pool, we will evaluate the potential dangers when digging in your backyard. Underground pipes can become troublesome for pool sites and we will always recommend a ground spot deep enough to avoid disturbing pipelines. Our on-site supervisor Matt will ensure that the digging process will not disturb your backyard while the digger is constructing a space for your new pool.

Step 2: Install steel and plumbing

To ensure your pool is reinforced and as safe as possible, our construction foreman Josh will lead his crew to install the steel reinforcement in preparation for the concrete spray. This will stop soil from eroding and spoiling the shape of your new pool. The plumbing will be installed next using high pressure PVC piping, ensuring no underground leaking. Careful back filling will ensure water does not collect in pockets and divert in to the pool.

Step 3: Concrete spraying

The concrete spraying process will give your pool a level ground to rest on. This is important not only for your stability while in the water, but also to make sure your new pool is strong and sturdy. Our team of seasoned professionals will ensure your personal belongings and backyard are not affected by the concrete spray with the use of a tarp material. If your intended pool is a concrete pool, we will continue to use the concrete to create  the desired outline of  your pool, for when you add that relaxing deck, tiled pathway or and BBQ area.

Step 4: Laying the titles

After the cement has cured, we will meticulously place the tiles of your choosing to ensure that they are as straight and levelled.

Step 5: Pebbling and finishing

Time to complete your pool with pebbling and finishing; once the pool is completely cleaned of debris we will again coat your pool with the final layer of pebblecrete. This pebblecrete will be sprayed out ensuring a clean, smooth surface. If you have decided to receive pebblecrete, we will also take this time to line your pool with the pebble colour of your choosing upon completion, we will ensure that you yard is cleaned and your pool is prepared for filling.

Then it’s time to swim the summer away!

The sooner we get our clients into their new pool the better with Gold Coast Family Pools…

Our philosophy is to provide our Gold Coast clients with a team of people they can trust when it comes to designing and constructing their pool. The Gold Coast is synonymous with heat, sunshine, and fun, so when our clients get their pool we believe they deserve the assurance that they will enjoy the investment. At Gold Coast Family Pools we have been building pools for many years and continue to give our clients reliable, honest and convenient service with desirable outcomes.

Are you interested in a new pool this summer? Give us a call today on 07 557 364 55 for a professional consultation.

Spring is Around the Corner and it is the Best Time to Begin Building Your Pool!

With summer slowly creeping up on us why not start your pool-building expedition today to set yourself up for the warmer months!

The Gold Coast has had one of the warmest winters in history this year, which promises much for our summer! Why not get ahead of the warmer weather and really prepare for it with a high quality pool from Gold Coast Family Pools! Spring is the best time to have your concrete pool built as it generally takes around 5-6 weeks from beginning the project to completion.

At Gold Coast Family Pools we can create your pool to match your unique designs…

Our concrete pools are designed to give you the freedom of having the pool of your dreams – literally! If you have a specific shape or design in mind, concrete pools are your best choice for allowing the ability to blend the shape of your new pool with your garden landscape and the styling of your home. Concrete pools are extremely popular as they:

  • Have full flexibility as to the shape, size and overall design
  • Are strong and are long lasting
  • Are reinforced with steel and other tough materials
  • Have a 15 year structural warranty
  • Have a 7 year cosmetic warranty

If you are unsure as to what pool design you want we can scope the area you have and recommend some suggestions…

Whether you have a large backyard or a smaller backyard, at Gold Coast Family Pools we service areas such as Coomera, Arundal, Ballina, Brisbane, Byron Bay and Warwick and have been able to make many customers happy with our suggestions. Have a look below at some of our previous work.


This pool had to be fit into a smaller backyard, and as a solution we made the pool slightly more square than rectangle with the entrance to the side for optimal useability. By doing this we were also able to make sure there was plenty of room to walk around the pool for safety reasons.


These customers really wanted to include a water feature, so we were able to best make use of the space they wanted by creating a stylish pool with cornered edges – this created a modern tone and drew the eye to the water feature for a calming and serene effect.

For a quicker answer to a brand new pool we also offer fibreglass pools that can be installed in just 7 to 10 working days!

Fibreglass pools are perfect for families or commercial owners who want a pool in a rush, as these are pre-made and come in an array of shapes and sizes. These pools are finished with a specific product that is resistant to alga growth so your pool is easy to maintain and can stay beautiful for longer!

For more information on our range of pools, or to book a consultation at our conveniently located pool shop in Pacific Pines, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Build Your Pool in Time for Summer

Even Though Summer is 5 Months Away, Now Is a Perfect Time to Build Your Pool

Generally speaking, spring is the busiest time for pool builders. Summer is just around the corner and people want a pool before that dry, humid Australian summer hits. By why wait until spring? Why not beat the rush and have your pool built today?

At Gold Coast Family Pools and Spas we offer a wide variety of concrete and fibreglass pools to suit you and your family. Our durable concrete pools can be designed to complement your home and garden.


In this photo you can see the pool has been shaped around the garden. The trees provide natural shade and the pool does not take anything away from the garden. With the reddish, sandy looking coping around the pool the garden has a bit of a desert/oasis feel to it.

We don’t just say our pools are durable because it sounds good. When Gold Coast Family Pools and Spas build a pool we reinforce the shell with steel and other materials to ensure it’ll give you and your family years of fun. Not only that but we back this claim up with a 15 year structural warranty and 7 year cosmetic warranty.

Why Not Add A Water Feature?


In this photo, a water feature has been added with some ferns in the background to give a fresh, open look to the swimming pool and garden.

Concrete pools allow you to design your pool to any size, depth or shape you want. This means that you can blend the shape and design of your pool to match your garden (like in the first photo).

There’s more To Building a Pool than Just the Pool Itself…

For example the need to keep in mind the pool coping surrounds. To frame your new pool we use Custom Coping/Custom Stone products. These products are designed to closely resemble natural stone—like the first photo in this article. When you get a quote from Gold Coast Family Pools and Spas, the cost of coping is included.

We have a new range of Himalayan Quartz coping, so you’ve got more options for your pool landscaping.

The Gold Coast Family Pools and Spas Commitment to Service…

Located in Pacific Pines, Gold Coast Family Pools and Spas cater to clients in cities and suburbs such as:

  • Coomera
  • Upper Coomera 
  • Arundel 
  • Pacific Pines
  • Ballina
  • Warwick
  • Roma
  • Brisbane 
  • Byron Bay

When You Get A Quote It Should Include All The Costs Associated With Building A Pool…

When you get a quote from Gold Coast Family Pools and Spas it will include:

  • All the council expenses
  • The engineer expenses
  • The pool coping surround expenses

As a proud Australian-owned business all our materials are sourced right here in Australia and are made from the highest quality materials.

Depending on what exactly you’re after, your concrete pool will take around 5 to 6 weeks to finish from the first day of construction.

As family business aimed at providing families with a safe and fun environment we put up a temporary fence during construction at no extra cost until your permanent fence is installed.

For more information on our range of pools, or to book a consultation at our conveniently located pool shop in Pacific Pine, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Out with the Old in with the New!

Gold Coast Family Pools can help replace your old fibreglass pool with a new, stylised concrete pool


Here at Gold Coast Family Pools in Oxenford we are passionate about creating a space for you to enjoy and relax in, which sometimes means sacrificing your old pool installations. Fibreglass pools are a popular choice for pools due to their ease of installation and the fact that they make choosing your style of pool much easier. However, many of our clients find that the customisation options of concrete pools to be much more beneficial when it comes to designing the look of their property. With our concrete pools you will be able to enjoy freedom of design as well as a fully functional and durable pool.

Improve the ‘flow’ of your backyard with a pool from Gold Coast Family Pools

Your backyard is a place for entertaining and playing, which is why how you actively use the space is so important. Many people find that the previous owners of their house have not maximised the space of their backyard enough which has resulted in the awkward placement of a pool. In order to enhance your space Gold Coast Family Pools can remove your old fibreglass structure and replace it with a pool custom designed by you and our pool design specialists.

We will analyse your space and suggest a style…

If you do not have a particular style in mind our team of pool experts can inspect the area and suggest the shape and types of finishings that would best highlight the pool. In many cases, our clients opt to install a water feature to give their pool area a feeling of modern elegance. Water features such as waterfalls are also favoured by kids who like to play underneath their cascading falls. We can also suggest the colour and style of pebbling or tiles that would best suit your pool in order to breathe life into your space. When making these choices it is most beneficial to decide what kind of ‘look’ you want to go for – be it modern and classy or natural.

Ensure your pool is a reflection of your design and our craftsmanship

You’ll be able to customise the depth, shape and design of your own pool, with anything from where your steps are to feature walls and the way you finish it. With us you’ll also be able to rest assure that your pool will be protected with a 15 year structural warranty and a 7 year cosmetic warranty. We can also make sure that the flooring surrounding your pool looks beautiful, as we use custom coping/stone which are strong and durable landscaping products used to pave wide areas which require sturdiness. These pavers and stones also appear extremely natural, with a significant amount of grip so that you and your children are much less likely to slip.

Create an escape for your family

Here at Gold Coast Family Pools we understand the integral purpose of pools, being the icon of the Australian summer. If you’ve been wanting a pool that is functional, entertaining and beautiful to look at then our team in Oxenford will be able to help you.

Book a pool consultation with Gold Coast Family Pools in Oxenford today by contact us here.

Gold Coast Family Pools can create impact in your commercial space

Enhance the look of your commercial estate with a glistening pool that will bring people to you!

People will flock from far and wide to experience the glimmering luxury of your commercial pool. Here at Gold Coast Family Pools we don’t limit ourselves to residential pool designs and excavations, we can also provide a wealth of quality service and knowledge when it comes to larger products such as those for your business, hotel or commercial property. If you invest in a pool with our company you can also benefit from our service and maintenance program.

We offer freedom in design so you can personalise your space

A gleaming pool glistens like a blue diamond, and represents the utmost luxury and resort-style allure. We have many choices when it comes to the aesthetic appearance of your pool so that you can have total freedom when it comes to creating your space. Whether you want a statement pool that is the focal point of your commercial space or a pool which blends in with its natural surroundings we can customise your pool plan to suit your needs. We value our customers’ preferences greatly that’s why we are passionate about providing a flexible and versatile pool design service. There are a number of ways you can personalise your pool, including brightly coloured tiles, tiles that enhance the natural allure of the water or pebble finishing which creates a natural look. Waterfalls and feature walls are also a popular choice for people who want to create tricking serenity or intense impact with the appearance of their pool.

A pool can add value to your commercial space

Just as pools can increase the value of your home, they can also increase the commercial value of your business, hotel or commercial real estate property. One of the main requirements of a 4 or 5 star resort is a pool, so why not boost the power of your first impression today and become a high-class commercial establishment?

A high-quality concrete pool can also add to the effectiveness of your gym or fitness establishment

You could bring in more fitness customers with the use of a commercial pool from Gold Coast Family Pools. By broadening your range of exercise equipment you will be able to reach a broader audience and also cater to people with all preferences. During the summer months a pool can be a refreshing way to exercise and a wonderful way to broaden your fitness experience. After a hard hour-long workout people may see the glistening surface of your pool and want to refresh their senses, or simply do a couple of laps as a warm up or cool down routine. A pool is a great way to build up core strength, burn calories and increase your aerobic fitness so why not add a pool as a valuable asset to your gym today? From the customer’s point of view, if you have the choice between a gym with a pool and a gym without, you are most likely going to select the fitness establishment with the pool.

If you would like to find out more about the range of pool options available at Gold Coast Family Pools please do not hesitate to contact us.

Make or Break your outdoor area with a pool from Gold Coast Pools

Tiling or grouting your pool is one of the most important choices you have to make in the aesthetics of your home

Make-or-Break-your-outdoor-area-with-a-pool-from-Gold-Coast Pools

The aesthetic choices you make to your pool can enhance the way it looks in your garden. It is quintessential that you choose tiles or grout that blend with your outdoor area. Or you can choose that your pool is the feature of your patio or deck, with crystal blue water highlighting your space. Here at Gold Coast Pools located in Oxenford we offer a range of concrete and fibreglass pools. We also offer a range of spas to create a luxury getaway in your own backyard.

Personalise your concrete pool with custom tiles and finishings

Choosing the correct tile colour and style is imperative in ensuring that you get the most out of your pool. If you are considering the look of your pool there are two choices when furbishing any space. You can either choose to blend in with the rest of the area or you can choose to stand out from the rest of the surroundings. We have a gallery of concrete pools where residents have often chosen to have normal crystal pool water accompanied by a feature wall which dominates the space. In the past our clients have also chosen to use natural cobblestone walls as a more natural looking feature that look beautiful with cascading water fountains.

Enhance your pool with a water fountain

One of the easiest ways to make your pool appear more opulent is to use a permanent water feature which constantly filters recycled water into your pool. Nowadays you can also sometimes get water features with an on or off switch so you can choose to turn them on when you’re entertaining. No matter whether you have a raised, infinity or conventional concrete pool you can rest assured that Gold Coast Family Pools and Spas has the solution for your pool and backyard. Bring life back into your backyard with our selection of beautiful pool settings.

Concrete pools are the best option for your back yard, although fibreglass pools also have merit

The installation time and production rate of fibreglass pools are completely unsurpassed. If you have a much more limited time frame then fibreglass pools could be a better choice for you. They come in a broad variety of different shapes and sizes and can improve the appearance of your backyard substantially.

Gold Coast Family Pools has the perfect solution for you…

No matter whether you’re trying to create a relaxing place of serenity or a fun place to entertain your friends and the kids we can help you find an aesthetic and efficient solution. Our team of pool professionals are committed to giving you the highest level of customer service. We have all the expertise and proficiency you could possibly need right at your fingertips, so if you’ve been looking for a quality pool service on the Gold Coast rest assured that our pools will glimmer spectacularly with quality construction.

If you would like to book a consultation regarding the construction of your pool please visit Gold Coast Family Pools or contact us here.