Get Ready This Summer with Gold Coast Family Pools’ Five Step Process to a Brand New Pool


At Gold Coast Family Pools we specialise in installing concrete and fibreglass pools in a five step process that allows for client convenience and ease…

There is nothing like dipping your foot in a refreshing body of cold water. The cooling quality of water is vastly appreciated on the Gold Coast, and at Gold Coast Family Pools we are more than happy to oblige our clients with their dream pool with short installation periods. To ensure you are enjoying a safe and quality driven pool this summer, check out our five step process, designed to give you the pool of your dreams as efficiently and safely as possible.

Step 1: Dig that pool

Once you have settled on a design, we will begin work on the site intended for your pool. Before we assess the correct position for your pool, we will evaluate the potential dangers when digging in your backyard. Underground pipes can become troublesome for pool sites and we will always recommend a ground spot deep enough to avoid disturbing pipelines. Our on-site supervisor Matt will ensure that the digging process will not disturb your backyard while the digger is constructing a space for your new pool.

Step 2: Install steel and plumbing

To ensure your pool is reinforced and as safe as possible, our construction foreman Josh will lead his crew to install the steel reinforcement in preparation for the concrete spray. This will stop soil from eroding and spoiling the shape of your new pool. The plumbing will be installed next using high pressure PVC piping, ensuring no underground leaking. Careful back filling will ensure water does not collect in pockets and divert in to the pool.

Step 3: Concrete spraying

The concrete spraying process will give your pool a level ground to rest on. This is important not only for your stability while in the water, but also to make sure your new pool is strong and sturdy. Our team of seasoned professionals will ensure your personal belongings and backyard are not affected by the concrete spray with the use of a tarp material. If your intended pool is a concrete pool, we will continue to use the concrete to create  the desired outline of  your pool, for when you add that relaxing deck, tiled pathway or and BBQ area.

Step 4: Laying the titles

After the cement has cured, we will meticulously place the tiles of your choosing to ensure that they are as straight and levelled.

Step 5: Pebbling and finishing

Time to complete your pool with pebbling and finishing; once the pool is completely cleaned of debris we will again coat your pool with the final layer of pebblecrete. This pebblecrete will be sprayed out ensuring a clean, smooth surface. If you have decided to receive pebblecrete, we will also take this time to line your pool with the pebble colour of your choosing upon completion, we will ensure that you yard is cleaned and your pool is prepared for filling.

Then it’s time to swim the summer away!

The sooner we get our clients into their new pool the better with Gold Coast Family Pools…

Our philosophy is to provide our Gold Coast clients with a team of people they can trust when it comes to designing and constructing their pool. The Gold Coast is synonymous with heat, sunshine, and fun, so when our clients get their pool we believe they deserve the assurance that they will enjoy the investment. At Gold Coast Family Pools we have been building pools for many years and continue to give our clients reliable, honest and convenient service with desirable outcomes.

Are you interested in a new pool this summer? Give us a call today on 07 557 364 55 for a professional consultation.