Building Your Own Pool? What Pool is Best For You?


As summer soon approaches now is the best time to begin building your dream pool…

At Gold Coast Family Pools and Spa we can help determine the best pool to suit your Gold Coast garden and your family. As the season begins to warm now is the best time to build a pool for you and the family to enjoy over the Christmas holidays. At Gold Coast Family Pools and Spa we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality equipment and technology for your pool services.

Discover the difference at Gold Coast Pools and Spas…

At Gold Coast Family Pools and Spa we ensure your needs are put first, it is your garden after all. Our team will help ensure your needs are met to develop your dream pool. Getting started now will let you have your dream pool ready for the summer season. Besides the benefit of having a backyard oasis, Gold Coast Pools and Spas will make your pool building experience easy and fun. The following benefits will help get you the pool you want before the heat strikes:

  • Your quoted price will include all council and engineer expenses and approvals as well as the pool coping surrounds.
  • All our materials are Australian made from the finest materials of the highest quality designs that look good and last a lifetime.
  • Your concrete pool will be completed within 5 – 6 weeks as of the first day of construction.
  • We are a family business and want to keep your family safe throughout every stage of construction so we provide you with temporary fencing at no extra cost, until your permanent fence is installed.

Design your own concrete pools

Have you already got a picture in your mind about the style and shape of your dream pool? Concrete pools give you the freedom to design your own pool to the exact shape, depth and size to fit any area you desire. This option gives you the freedom to artistically blend the shape of your new pool in with your garden landscape and the style of your home.

Let us help you design a fiberglass pool

Our fiberglass pools offer a wide range of state of the art designs and are an easy way to transform your home into your very own oasis. These modern and durable fibreglass pools are flexible and therefore flex with ground movement rather than crack. If your foundations are prone to movement this could be a good solution for your pool needs. So why choose fiberglass pools? Fibreglass pools are fast and efficient to install, they are finished with a product to resist algae growth making your pool easy to clean and maintain. And if you have a large space in your garden and don’t want the hassle of designing a style, then this can be a great way to get what you want with any difficulty.

Finish it off with custom coping and custom stone…

To frame your brand new pool, we use only Custom Coping / Custom Stone products because they are a leading manufacturer of quality hand-made pavers and landscape products. Their products are designed to closely replicate the characteristics of natural stone and come in a range of colours to suit your reference. These high quality pavers can be the perfect finishing touch for your new addition to your home and this is included in your quote.

At Gold Coast Pools and Spas we want you to enjoy the summer seasons with a family dip in the pool of your dreams. We will work with your family to make the pool building process as easy and efficient as possible.

Are you interested in a new pool this summer? Give us a call today on 07 557 364 55 for a professional consultation.