Build Your Pool in Time for Summer

Even Though Summer is 5 Months Away, Now Is a Perfect Time to Build Your Pool

Generally speaking, spring is the busiest time for pool builders. Summer is just around the corner and people want a pool before that dry, humid Australian summer hits. By why wait until spring? Why not beat the rush and have your pool built today?

At Gold Coast Family Pools and Spas we offer a wide variety of concrete and fibreglass pools to suit you and your family. Our durable concrete pools can be designed to complement your home and garden.


In this photo you can see the pool has been shaped around the garden. The trees provide natural shade and the pool does not take anything away from the garden. With the reddish, sandy looking coping around the pool the garden has a bit of a desert/oasis feel to it.

We don’t just say our pools are durable because it sounds good. When Gold Coast Family Pools and Spas build a pool we reinforce the shell with steel and other materials to ensure it’ll give you and your family years of fun. Not only that but we back this claim up with a 15 year structural warranty and 7 year cosmetic warranty.

Why Not Add A Water Feature?


In this photo, a water feature has been added with some ferns in the background to give a fresh, open look to the swimming pool and garden.

Concrete pools allow you to design your pool to any size, depth or shape you want. This means that you can blend the shape and design of your pool to match your garden (like in the first photo).

There’s more To Building a Pool than Just the Pool Itself…

For example the need to keep in mind the pool coping surrounds. To frame your new pool we use Custom Coping/Custom Stone products. These products are designed to closely resemble natural stone—like the first photo in this article. When you get a quote from Gold Coast Family Pools and Spas, the cost of coping is included.

We have a new range of Himalayan Quartz coping, so you’ve got more options for your pool landscaping.

The Gold Coast Family Pools and Spas Commitment to Service…

Located in Pacific Pines, Gold Coast Family Pools and Spas cater to clients in cities and suburbs such as:

  • Coomera
  • Upper Coomera 
  • Arundel 
  • Pacific Pines
  • Ballina
  • Warwick
  • Roma
  • Brisbane 
  • Byron Bay

When You Get A Quote It Should Include All The Costs Associated With Building A Pool…

When you get a quote from Gold Coast Family Pools and Spas it will include:

  • All the council expenses
  • The engineer expenses
  • The pool coping surround expenses

As a proud Australian-owned business all our materials are sourced right here in Australia and are made from the highest quality materials.

Depending on what exactly you’re after, your concrete pool will take around 5 to 6 weeks to finish from the first day of construction.

As family business aimed at providing families with a safe and fun environment we put up a temporary fence during construction at no extra cost until your permanent fence is installed.

For more information on our range of pools, or to book a consultation at our conveniently located pool shop in Pacific Pine, please do not hesitate to contact us.